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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blog Award

Hello and thanks for stopping by. This weekend I had two more Blog Awards (woohoo!). I'm very happy because this talented gals: Marilyn (Treasuring Memories) share with me this award: Me encanta tu blog, I Love your blog (english). She loves sewing and she makes beautiful LO's using different textures and tecniques. You can see her amazing work right HERE. And Myra (Wine, cheese & scrapbooking) this lovely and talent girl makes beautiful creations in scrapbook and card making, her philosophy is BE IMPERFECT! You can see her work right HERE.

THANKS GALS! your'e awseome

The rules for both awards are:

1. Thank the person that passed it to you.
2. Copy and paste the award to your blog
3. Share three things about yourself that you enjoy.
4. Pass the award to five others.

My answers are:

1. Thanks Marilyn and thanks Myra for the award, I love it!
2. done
3. I love to be with my family (sports, crafts and silly things). Of course, scrapbook, card making and sewing. Share ideas about handcrafts.
4.Here we go:

Me Encanta Tu Blog

1. Jay (Hablando de Scrapbooking...)

2. Sonia (Studio 60)

3. Frances (Be creative, Be you)

4. Maribel (Scrap and Things)

5. Yani (Entre Papeles y Enredos)

Cherry On Top:

1.Teresita (Scrapbook y Mas)

2.Marcy (The Ardent Scrapper)

3.Paul Ford (Crafty Blogocks)

4. Diana (Memory Crafters)

5.Rosita ( Recortes, Ideas Y Algo mas)

Enjoy the award!


  1. Hola Zulma
    Mil gracias por otorgarme este premio.
    Que sigas cosechando mas premios y sigas disfrutando de este pasatiempo tan bello que nos mantiene relax.

  2. !Qué emoción que me enviaste este premio!!!

    Muchas gracias.


  3. Hola Zulma,

    Perdona la tardanza por contestar... Muchas gracias por el premio y por haber pensado en mi! Se te aprecia un monton!!!


  4. Thank you, Zulma. I really appreciate you giving me this award!! I will display it proudly!!


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